Pond Cleaning and Maintenance

Having a pond in your yard can add significant curb appeal to any home, but it can also be hard to maintain. Decomposing leaves and other debris can collect on the bottom of the pond, releasing ammonia and nitrates into the water, giving it that mossy green look. This can be harmful to your fish and very unsanitary. Here at Butler Brother Odd Jobs, we take care of the dirty work for you so you don’t have to. We have the experts that know how to properly clean and maintain your pond. Our pond cleaning and maintenance services include:

  • Removing fish and safely keeping them for the duration of the cleaning
  • Carefully removing and hydrating the plants
  • Draining all the water and replacing it with clean fresh water
  • Removing excess organic debris
  • Acclimating the fish and plants to the new water conditions

If your pond is looking unattractive and slimy, call us today. We use the newest technology in pond cleaning products ensuring a quality end result. Contact us at (563) 663-7373 when you are looking for a pond cleaning and maintenance near Bastrop, TX.

Pond Cleaning